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Agrimanga is an offshoot company of Dadamanga, our award-winning travel company.  We have decades of experience in Madagascar and have a proven track-record of social and environmental stewardship and it was part of our natural evolution that we decided to establish a separate entity to work on our effort to "green Madagascar" and to support the livelihoods of local people in an impactful and long term way.  


We grow beautiful healthy fruit trees at our wonderful nursery on the edge of Lake Lanirano... We have a small retail outlet where we sell our goods to the public and we are currently working as suppliers to a number of NGOs and Associations who are working on water retention and greening projects.


We produce artisanal amounts of various local food products, seasonally, and our products are either grown either by us, or by artisan farmers who we know and love, and we guarantee that every output has been grown and prepared with the utmost care and responsibility. 



Here in the under-exploited sub-tropical south east of Madagascar, farmers have been producing beautiful organic* products forever.  Under the shade of the rainforest-covered Anôsy Mountains, small-holders grow stunning world-class products.  Our job at Agrimanga is to bring those products to the world. Born from innovation, Agrimanga is a new company led by people with decades of experience in Madagascar.  We are working on ways to support and create new income-streams for rural people here in the south east of Madagascar.  Our current products already in production are just the beginning.  We have multiple agribusiness ideas in incubation and look forward to bringing stunning new high-quality products to market over the coming years.  With our eye on the highest possible standards, and with social and environmental stewardship at the forefront of our ethics, Agrimanga is destined to become a well-known name for agribusiness products from the stunning south east of Madagascar.



We do not claim that our products are organic, because there is no means of certification currently available to us.  What we can tell you is, the traditional artisan farmers that we work with use no pesticides or chemical fertilisers, and we certainly use none in our production methods.  Our food products are simply sun dried under the Madagascar skies, some are finished to perfection in a dehydrator, and some are then mechanically powdered in our own facility using our own machines.

You can trust all of our products and be confident to use them in your home.



Registered Office: Villa Massoud, Lot IVBL020 Rue Circulaire

Fort Dauphin 614

NIF: 3005555021 STAT: 46101532021000209 RCS: FD/2021/B00017


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